Our Expertise

Focus has a long experience in developing a new strategy, the alignment of the organization and the necessary change management in mid-sized and big companies.

Jo Sanders - Our expertise : Organisation concept - Business Concept


The management team reflects intensively on the future of the company and will formulate the fundamental elements of a strategic plan to face the future challenges successfully (strategic goals, business concepts, competitive advantages and critical success factors).   In effect, we recommend to organize a two day strategic seminar where everyone involved can deliver a substantial contribution to the strategy or who will take decisions on the subject.  The objective is to create the bases allowing for the organization to draw an altered, well funded, accepted, executable and guiding strategic plan, which will effectively support the competitiveness and success rates of the organization.  This strategic session has the ambition to lead to consensus amongst the different decision makers, to lead to clarity within the organization and eventually to a greater decisiveness of the management and of the company.

Organization and leadership

A good strategy is one which is feasible.  Therefore the organization has to be adapted in order to implement the new strategy at all levels from the management to the floor. Very often an external consultant and/or coach can help to adapt the organization and its management structures. (services)

Change management

There is always a resistance to change when the management decides to change an organization.  People have always reasons not to be aligned with the new strategic goals. Changing the organization and the management structures involve power shifts, a change of coordination mechanisms and of the internal communication lines.  The right approach can help to reduce these resistances to change and to implement the new organization much faster.

"Self-knowledge is the same as a cold bath for your body. The first sensation is one of fear but is followed by one which is refreshing and a source of energy."

M.E. Fabius-Cremer