Focus advises Top Executives in the development of their Strategy, in strengthening their leadership capacities and in monitoring the change processes that are required for realizing their strategy

Focus has a pragmatic approach and is result driven based on 30 years of professional experience of Jo Sanders as a consultant, coach, top executive and member of Board of Directors and Advisory Boards of mid sized and big companies in different sectors.

Jo Sanders - Praktijkboek ondernemend veranderen

Praktijkboek ondernemend veranderen

Jo Sanders - Leiders & Paradoxen

Leiders & Paradoxen
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During his whole career Jo Sanders has developed a broad experience with companies which were compelled by the market and competitors to implement serious changes. Thanks to all these different strategic change projects Jo Sanders understands how to drive change and transitions in difficult and complex situations. Jo Sanders has a good feeling for the reactions of people and understands what is feasible. Jo Sanders understands complex situations, discovers possible conflicts of interest and helps different parties to come to a consensus. Jo Sanders likes to be pragmatic. Recently Jo Sanders has finished following programs in INSEAD: Diploma "Clinical organizational Psychology" (2007-2008) en Ex. Master "Consulting and Coaching for Change" (2012-2013).
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"It is not because things are difficult that we do not dare, it is because we do not dare that they are dificult."